5 Thoughts on Valentine’s Day to Boost Your Sex Esteem

bubble bath

Although I know many people roll their eyes when it comes to Valentine’s Day with comments like: “It’s a holiday greeting card companies invented”, “Restaurants charge double on that night and we’re still expected to cough up the money”, “Why do we have to buy something, can’t we make giftsg or do something easy and still make it meaningful?”, “I’d rather just stay home, order in and watch a good film, why all the pressure?”, I still think it is an American cultural phenom that one can nod to, and utilize to up their Sex Esteem which is the term I use for one’s sexual and sensual confidence. With that lens here are 5 relatively easy things to do to warm yourself or someone else this Valentine’s Day.

1.  Think about what makes you really excited, passionate or relaxed and do it with a person who can share it with you.  If that means taking a bubble bath, going to your favorite restaurant, or buying a new dress in a fun shade ask your friend(s) or partner to share the day/evening with you.

2.  Express your love to those that brighten your life each and every day.

3.  Give of yourself to someone who needs it through a message, volunteering, or bringing a meal to a homeless person.

4.  Attend to some sensual needs like eating a favorite food, washing yourself with peppermint soap, getting a foot massage, or listening to music that reverberates in your soul, dancing in your living room.

dancing in living room

5.   Focus on what you can do on this day, not on what you can’t.

Each day can be a gift if you let yourself receive it .  Give yourself the gift of Sex Esteem.  Happy Valentine’s Day!