Sari is a dynamic, prepared exciting presenter who speaks to groups of professional therapists, parents, people who are in the dating scene as well as couples who are in long-term relationships. She reaches people on an emotional and intellectual level so that they begin to ask themselves critical questions regarding how they want to connect with the most important people in their lives and what aspects of their lives they want to grow to create more inspiration.

Sari is a bright, warm and authentic speaker who offers practical, realistic solutions to personal and professional dilemmas. She has the talent to describe nuances and complexities that most people find challenging when speaking about sexuality, whether it’s to their partners or to their children. She also speaks about creating Sex Esteem®, a combination of clarity, calm, creativity and curiosity in relationships so the erotic and sexual connection can grow and flourish.

Popular Keynote Topics:

1. Some Like It Not: The Desire for Sex Wanes in Long Term Relationships

What is it about being with the same person for years that causes partners to put less energy and focus in their sex life? Can people really seduce someone they already love and live with 24/7? How does one retain enough mystery to keep a partner desiring to know more? Cooper speaks about the elusive nature of seduction, flirtation and erotic conquests and how to integrate these with the other roles one inhabits in their life.

2. Sex Esteem®- How to Discover Your own Erotic Intelligence and Express it Confidently in Relationships*.

There are a myriad of ways that people turn themselves and at times their partner off from an erotic touch, a sexy glance or a suggestive comment. This talk is for those that are seeking to explore and perhaps renew their longing for sexual passion where it begins; in their own body/mind/spirit.
*This talk can be organized as a small discussion group among friends who know one another or in a larger setting as a speech.

3. Sex and Power in the Masculine Narrative: Unpacking the Myths of Manhood

What does it mean to be a ‘real man’ in today’s culture? Does it have layered meanings given one’s cultural, ethnic and religious upbringing? How can one feel strong and powerful while acknowledging what causes stress, anxiety or sadness and still be regarded as masculine by others? Sari Cooper unpacks the myths of manhood for men of all generations to reflect on the aspects of their genuine selves that get masked or hidden behind