Sex and Relationship Coaching improves current relationships challenged by emotional, psychological and sexual difficulties through clients learning new skills and techniques. Coaching is goal-oriented and works to expand a client’s abilities so that they can communicate their needs and desires to their partner/spouse. Coaching is a collaborative relationship in which the coach and client agree to only work on a number of future goals that relate to relationships, work life, sex and other objectives a person has for their life. Sari offers beginning to more advanced sex coaching depending on where a person is in their life. Coaching can be done for individuals or couples.

Coaching is done via phone or Skype to be more convenient for people who can’t come in person, travel frequently for work, or who do not live in the New York vicinity. Coaching uses education, through books or DVDs, homework (or home “play” as I like to call it) assignments for clients to do between sessions. Coaching also incorporates reframing cognitive distortions (untrue ideas that people have maintained about themselves for some time), gradual changes in behaviors, and support in creating realistic plans.

In Sex Coaching, Sari focuses on the following:
♥ Helping a client create or strengthen boundaries in their intimate relationships
♥ Encouraging clients to develop the language they need to improve their love/erotic life
♥ Assigning home assignment to enable a client to expand their erotic menu
♥ Teaching clients how to accept responsibility in the changes they want to make in their love/erotic lives
♥ Supporting clients in attaining their desires, whether that is an orgasm, a more dependable erection, a higher libido, an expanded monogamy contract, growth after a break-up.
♥ Guiding men on lowering their performance anxiety in intimate relationships
♥ Instructs women on exercises to increase their libidos
♥ Teaches clients the elements of Sex Esteem™= awareness+ knowledge+ action
♥ Enabling clients to make important decisions about their intimate relationships
♥ Collaborating with clients on reaching their erotic goals
♥ Building better Sex Esteem™ around body image
♥ Enabling clients to make better relationships decisions based on their stated goals for the future.

To begin the process, email the CLS Coordinator to hear more about the issues you would like to cover. Then you can pre-pay for a coaching session through PayPal.