Thanks for your interest in Sex Esteem LLC coaching group Reclaiming Oneself After Partner Infidelity a 6-week online group for women who have been betrayed.

We at Sex Esteem, LLC support your steps toward your own growth, healing and empowerment and are excited to offer this new group for women only to learn more about the psychological ripple effects of infidelity, techniques to recover the trust in oneself and partners after having been deceived, and skills to adapt to a new way of boundary-setting and intimacy. We believe there’s transformational work that gets done when women are intentional, vulnerable and many times angry.

In this group women are invited to help each other and themselves heal from the pain of being betrayed by articulating deep expectations and desires for healthier relationships with themselves, their families of origin, their children, friends and partners. Whether you have already decided to remain with your partner/spouse, are still in the decision-making process, have decided to end the relationship or have had that decision made by your partner, this group will give you tools to consider what you need to recover and then support you as you reclaim an empowered self.  The cost for the 6-Week Group is US $480.00 paid in advance before the group begins via Zelle or Paypal.

About the Group Leader: 
Kelly is a licensed clinical social worker and coach with a diverse background working with individuals and couples. She has extensive experience working with people with sexuality concerns, intimacy, infidelity, compulsive sexual behavior and couples repair after affair discovery. She has been working as a sex coach with Sex Esteem, LLC since 2021.

Intake Session with Kelly 
Kelly is asking each potential group member to do one individual session with her at an $80 fee before joining the group. If interested in setting up an appointment with Kelly to join the group please complete the form below and our admission coordinator Jessica will get back to you with times and dates that Kelly is available.

For the group: 
Please let us know which day and time you would prefer to attend a weekly.
90-minute online session for the 6-week period, You can pick one or both options:

Pick which times would work for the 6-week weekly 90-minute session. You can choose one or both Thu and/or Sat options for the group(Required)
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If you can't begin in June would you be able to begin in Sept.?
Do you know other women who could be helped by this kind of online group?
If so, please let us know their email so we can add them to our mailing list.

Thanks again for your interest in this group and your own repair and growth.

*includes all cis and trans-identified women