Sex & Dating in the Time of Corona

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sex & dating in the time of coronaWe live in a time when merely leaving our homes and going to the supermarket carries risks of contracting the COVID-19 virus that could endanger our lives, which makes dating incredibly difficult. In this essential workshop, Sari Cooper examines the recent pandemic and how we can reexamine dating options with a critical eye. Sociocultural patterns are being repeated. From the 1918 Flu Pandemic to the AIDS crisis of the 80’s, we’ve fought to understand and mitigate the impact of infection on how we love and have sex.

Realistically, many singles are not going to remain celibate until there is a COVID-19 treatment or vaccination. Gay men in the 80’s mostly chose to continue to have sex, and history is our teacher in this situation. Individuals will see new partners during the COVID-19 crisis. As clinicians, we need to help single clients speak honestly about their need for connection, for sex, and for thoughtful consideration of sexual options.

Humans alter their sexual choices based on their need for intimacy, while navigating fear of the unknown. Some clients may be drawn to the taboo and danger of less safe sex. Singles are dating and exploring sexual desires in a variety of creative ways in the time of COVID-19, and they need a way to talk about love, sex, and dating with clarity, honesty, and some options for meeting their needs now, not later.

In this workshop, Sari Cooper will explore essential topics like:

  • The most up to date guidelines on how COVID-19 is spread.
  • COVID-19 and sex, and how these two are connected (or not).
  • Careful and honest examination of who you choose for your sexual partners.
  • Safer ways to have sex

Participants will learn the up-to-date recommendations for safer sex practices and techniques for working with clients who date during this time. Participants will discover the parallels between the HIV/AIDS crisis and the current pandemic.

At the conclusion of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Identify 3 coping mechanisms for sexual activity during quarantine.
  • Identify 2 ways that a modern population changes sexual activity in reaction to a pandemic / infectious deadly virus.
  • Use sexual assessment to identify any impact of quarantine on socially isolating individuals and their sexual activity.
  • Discuss the parallels between the HIV/AIDS crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic, including changes in sexual behavior.


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