Integrating Family Systems & Sex Therapy Lenses in Couples Therapy

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Many couples and family therapists feel unprepared and unskilled when couples have sexual issues. In this workshop, Sari Cooper will cover the most common sexual issues with which couples struggle and how to assess them using a bio-psychosocial systemic lens. She will review the diagnoses in the recent DSM5 and the clinical reasons why some diagnoses are no longer included, and those that are still being considered for future DSMs (such as compulsive, hypersexual or out of control sexual behaviors). She’ll concentrate on three parts of clinical practice: Assessment, Diagnosis/Hypothesis/Treatment Planning, and Clinical Intervention.

Participants will gain an introduction to the diagnostic and treatment skills when working with sexual dysfunctions in couples’ therapy. The presentation aligns with the principles of bio-psychosocial treatment inherent in social work and family therapy. Each case is presented through a variety of lenses, which allows for a multi-layered understanding of each partner’s individual presenting problem, the couple’s system and how it has adapted to the presenting problem and the possible underlying reasons for the stasis of the couples development. Case examples will include heterosexual as well as those clients from the LGBTQ community. They will also include clients from varied cultural and religious backgrounds.

Using case material (with details/names changed to protect confidentiality), Sari will illustrate how she formulates hypotheses utilizing systemic, attachment and sex therapy lenses in actual cases. Presenting problems reviewed will include: erectile dysfunction, discrepant desire, premature ejaculation, avoidant sexuality, pelvic pain, and out of control sexual behavior.

Sari will review the holistic way in which she treats sexual problems including:

  • understanding how referrals to other helping professionals should be included
  • giving clients tools to address their challenges
  • viewing each case as a unique collaborative experience
  • utilizing circular questioning to allow clients to become more curious about their systemic dilemmas.
  • inviting clients to experiment with home assignments that involve creative, mindful exploration of erotic and intimate engagement.
  • tailoring the treatment to the clients’ specific needs and desire for change.


  • Participants will be able to identify the DSM5 diagnostic criteria for certain sexual dysfunctions.
  • Participants will be able to define the elements of a sexual assessment when treating a couple with presenting problems which include sexual issues.
  • Participants will be able to recommend when clients should get assessed by other professionals to differentiate biological explanations for symptoms.
  • Participants will be able to apply cultural and religious lenses of couples sexual templates.
  • Participants will be able to develop understanding of clinical interventions for specific individual and couple sexual problems. discuss the concerns of some LGBTQ couples


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