Center For Love & Sex

CLS is a boutique group practice founded and directed by Sari Cooper, an internationally recognized AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, Media Expert, Trainer, Supervisor, writer and Coach. Therapists are chosen to join our team for their attention to a multi-disciplinary approach to sex therapy and general therapy and their compassionate capacity for authentic engagement with each unique client and couple.

At Center for Love and Sex we understand the myriad of feelings that come up when your relationship(s) are out of balance. Whether it’s a conflict with a member of your family of origin, a colleague or boss at work, or your primary partner/spouse, our team is skilled at scoping out the problems and providing interventions that are practical, emotionally spot on and long lasting.

The Center for Love and Sex team also empathizes with the challenge of pursuing a career while trying to keep the passion in your romantic life.

We get the desire for a vital, close, erotic partnership or marriage with your long-term partner, husband or wife that expresses an authentic aspect of your personality. Our therapists truly understand how hard it is to date in a fast-paced, app-driven city where your initial hopeful impressions of a new romantic partner become frustrated after only a couple of dates (or swipes).

Perhaps you begin to question whether there’s a person out there who is as curious about growing, bonding and embarking on shared experiences as you are.

Given your history in your family of origin, or due to challenges, heartbreaks and/or traumas in past romantic relationships, you wonder whether a committed partnership can really remain fun, sexually innovative and intimate once you’re a bit further down the relationship road or added a child(ren) into your life.

You may have chosen to partner with your best friend but lost the erotic spark that had been present when you first met.

Sari Cooper established CLS to address the many issues that come up for adults in their quest for relationships that fulfill them emotionally, intellectually and erotically. Having been in practice for over 25 years in New York City and after seeing hundreds of clients who were able to speak authentically and frankly to her about their most intimate hopes, fears, and fantasies, Sari decided it was time to train a team that could provide her unique theoretical and practical interventions to more adults at all stages of relationships.

CLS was born of a need to help more people recover from sexual shame, pelvic pain, desire issues, infidelity, or compulsive behaviors

Sari chooses therapists that provide their treatment using an array of clinical techniques in order to tailor each client’s treatment including:

Family Systems
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CLS is inclusive of clients from straight and LGBTQ communities. We are also experienced in working with clients from diverse cultural, religious and alternative backgrounds. We work with allied health professionals when a holistic team is required.